Remembering Robin Riley

Robin Riley, who died in September 2023, was an artist, a teacher, craftsman, sculptor, polymath and life-long socialist.  A well-known figure on Catherine Street L8, where he lived for many years at No.45, and the Canning Street area (now known as the Georgian Quarter), he was a strong advocate for the community and locality, for which he tried with other residents to establish a Neighbourhood Plan.  Robin was also passionate about parks and open spaces and the public realm, working with good friends Professor Tony Bradshaw FRS and Dr. Emlyn Williams to establish the Friends of St James’ Garden to rescue, manage and to restore the cemetery area beneath the Anglican Cathedral.  In the Radio 4 programme (accessed in the full tribute to Robin below), Robin concluded: “We are very proud of this place, because we all know we have made a great difference to it, and we built a place which people love.” And this group of friends lifted the heart.  The Garden has become known as a gem and oasis in the city.  In the Radio 4 programme, Robin stands back from the interviews and lets the people and place shine, which shows his love and understanding for the combination.