Merseyside Civic Society Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of Members of the Council of Merseyside Civic Society to:

  • Act within the governing document and the law – being aware of the contents of the Society’s Constitution and the law as it applies to the Society.
  • Act in the best interest of Merseyside Civic Society as a whole –considering what is best for the organisation and its beneficiaries and avoiding bringing the Society into disrepute.
  • Manage conflicts of interest effectively – registering, declaring and resolving conflicts of interest. Not gaining materially or financially unless specifically authorised to do so.
  • Respect confidentiality – understanding what confidentiality means in practice for the Society, its Council and the individuals involved with it.
  • Have a sound and up-to-date knowledge of Merseyside Civic Society and its environment – understanding how the Society works and the environment within which it operates.
  • Attend meetings and other appointments or give apologies – considering other ways of engaging with the Society if regularly unable to attend Council meetings.
  • Preparing fully for meetings and all work for the Society — reading papers, querying anything you don’t understand and thinking through issues in good time before meetings.
  • Actively engage in discussion, debate and voting in meetings –-contributing positively, listening carefully, challenging sensitively and avoiding conflict.
  • Act jointly and accept a majority decision – making decisions collectively, standing by them and not acting individually unless specifically authorised to do so.
  • Work considerately and respectfully with all –- respecting diversity, different roles and boundaries, and avoiding giving offence.