MCS Vice President, and former Chair, Peter Brown would like to know if MCS members are involved in anti-litter campaigning or litter reduction activity in their local area.

This follows a series of letters that have been written to the current leader of Liverpool City Council, and former mayor of Liverpool, to encourage the adoption of a more vigorous approach to cleaning up the City, in what was the run up to Eurovision, and to discourage people from causing the problem in the first place by dropping litter for someone else to pick up.

If you feel that litter is a big problem in your area and are aware of efforts to address it (such as litter-picking) and wish to assist Peter and his associates in raising this with the appropriate authorities, please answer the following questions.

  1. In what ward is this anti-litter activity located? Can you supply any more detailed information about the geography of the area concerned?
  2. How frequently does the activity take place?
  3. How many people are typically involved in this activity?
  4. Any other information that you think could be helpful to the task of establishing the current scale of voluntary litter-picking activity in your area.

Many thanks for your assistance.

Please send your response to