Become a Heritage Sleuth

Merseyside Civic Society is delighted to have been invited by Historic England to participate in a national pilot project to better engage more people from local communities with the heritage of their local area in order to enrich the National Heritage List for England (the List).

We are the only Civic Society in the country to have been invited to take part and we selected Gateacre as our area of focus as it has a good range of Listed Buildings and an active local history society

We are now looking to recruit a team of local volunteers to become ‘heritage sleuths’.

The purpose of this pilot study is to visually assess the accuracy of information held by Historic England on Listed Buildings in Gateacre.

You will report back on any changes to buildings since they were originally added to the statutory list (over 30 years ago in many cases), undertake research that might enrich the information held by Historic England such as who occupied the buildings using information from the 1921 census and adding any interesting local knowledge.

How to get involved

Contact  to express your interest, giving us your name, address, phone number and email and telling us why you would like to be involved.

Training will be provided by Historic England and local specialists and travel expenses and subsistence will be paid.