The 42nd Session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee

A Statement by the Chair of the Merseyside Civic Society

Merseyside Civic Society (MCS) values our Liverpool World Heritage Site (WHS) and represents the Liverpool City region’s voluntary heritage and design interests and communities on the local Steering Group. We welcome this opportunity to support Gerry Proctor (Engage Liverpool) as he departs for Bahrain to speak to UNESCO’s entire World Heritage Committee about how much Liverpool’s residents and businesses value the designation. Gerry has been instrumental in raising local people’s concerns and passion for retaining and celebrating the WHS. As chair of MCS, I am very grateful for his years of amazing individual work.

Liverpool is a vibrant multi-cultural city, not only displaying the physical heritage of its maritime mercantile past, but also striving to deliver excellence in heritage conservation while fashioning a sustainable and equitable future. Residents and business people alike seek to create excellent management and design solutions to accommodate the needs of both.

MCS welcomes the recent progress made by Liverpool City Council and the Government, particularly the commitment of raising awareness of the benefits of World Heritage status for tourism, the economy and well-being. We also recognise that UNESCO requires further information including: the new Local Plan, the revised Supplementary Planning Document, the neighbourhood master plans and the building height (skyline) policy.

MCS further seeks a strengthened programme of heritage interpretation for residents and visitors. The Society’s objective is to develop a dialogue directly with the UNESCO Europe and North America Unit so that we can convey an appreciation of our communities’ complex needs and potential solutions. Local communities are the living part of our WHS and its outstanding universal value. We aim for it to be the universally protected and appreciated hub of the World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City Region of tomorrow.