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Beetham Plaza and the famous and much loved city centre Piazza Fountain is now in the ownership of the Elliot Group and a campaign has been launched against the proposal to move the ‘bucket’ fountain, as it is locally known, to an as yet undisclosed location and build upon this public open space.

The Echo has made clear where it stands by using language that is designed to create if not a negative attitude to the monument at least a compliant attitude in favour of the new proposals for another hotel in the city centre. The Echo describing the fountain as ‘crazy’ and the kinetic sound-sculpture fountain as ‘noisy’, in the article’s headline in which this image below appeared, certainly seems to encourage the case for removal. The article goes on to state that the Superlambanana had to move and so there is already a precedent.

Liverpool Echo article 23.01.19

The article seems to make the case for the developer and almost gives the impression that it is a done deal. Sadly there is no other opinion quoted or sought in this piece of writing which presumably is the unedited press release from the Elliot Group.

Beetham Plaza and the Piazza Fountain (designed by the Welsh sculptor Richard Huws who is recognised as a world-class fountain designer and was made at Cammell Laird’s) is in the Castle Street Conservation Area and the UNESCO World Heritage Site and as far as we know there has so far been no indication of any public consultation about the proposal.


An article also appeared in Place North West 23.01.19

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Merseyside Civic Society played a pivotal role in establish the location of the fountain and has published a full report on the design and management of the fountain by Dr Richard Moore

Download the report from here 

Residents have now organised themselves into the Friends of the Piazza Fountain to start a process of bringing to the attention of the city the value this hidden treasure is to Liverpool and of gaining support for the retention of the fountain in it’s current location.

Beetham Plaza is within the the residential and leisure district of Liverpool City centre, and is part of both the World Heritage site, and the Castle Street Conservation Area. Developers are now threatening to bulldoze this important public space, and remove the historic Piazza fountain in order to squeeze in yet another hotel. Our “bucket fountain” is not only much loved by locals, but is also recognised nationally for its uniqueness, and for its artistic, cultural and historical merit. There are many reasons behind the decision in 1967 to locate it in Beetham Plaza.

Our fountain, which we think is one of the only two bucket fountains remaining in the world, enjoys a steady stream of visitors, both tourists and locals, who are all clearly mesmerised by its sight and sound. We believe any decision to relocate it should not be made by a developer, who clearly has no regard for our proud Liverpool heritage, and we urge you to sign our petition.

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