State of the City

18th June 2016

3608 visitors
400 participants built a future Lego city
1302 people visited our Garden stalls

State of the City is Merseyside Civic Society’s annual civic day event, bringing local people together to work for change. Each year, State of the City provides people from throughout Merseyside with the opportunity to:

  • take part in informal conversations about the state of their communities and local environment
  • explore opportunities for individuals, communities and organisations to work together to initiate change
  • come together to agree to support each other to develop three key actions throughout the year

Merseyside Civic Society held its fourth annual ‘State of the City’ day on the 18th June 2016. As on previous occasions, the Bluecoat housed a variety of activities, including live music, stalls, and Lego-city-building with Liverpool Architectural Society. The heart of the event was a series of lively discussions, structured with an objective of producing guidance for future action.

The different strands of discussion throughout the day were carefully drawn together to formulate three priorities for actions to be taken by the Merseyside Civic Society over the coming year. There is a description of these discussions on the MCS website, and the priorities are summarised as follows: 

First Priority: Movement and Integration.

It is urgent: To get more people out of cars and on to integrated public transport.

The MCS is to arrange discussions and a public meeting with Merseytravel. It will develop a campaign on a range of transport-related issues, including the better integration of trains, buses and ferries, and the integration of transport planning with urban design and future development. This would include active support for existing campaigns on cycling, as well as pedestrian movement and safety.

Second Priority: The MCS as a Facilitator.

It is urgent: For us to support, empower and sustain local community groups.

The MCS will arrange future State of the City events, developing the facilitator role. This is an ambitious conclusion, with implications for the organisation’s structure and resources, but it could give a new sense of purpose to the MCS.

Third Priority: Planning and the City Region.

It is urgent: To have accessible information, and understanding of our rights.

The MCS should focus on improving its involvement with the Planning Process in Liverpool City Council [bearing in mind the importance of Liverpool City Centre to the whole of Merseyside], whilst also increasing its engagement with parallel processes in the five other Councils of the recently-designated Liverpool City Region, alongside and in support of those other societies and groups that focus on a specific local geographical area.

Read the full report, and download the flyer below

 State of the City IV Small

State of the City IV Report