Civic Saturday January 21 Port Sunlight Village

Civic Saturday – Port Sunlight Village
January 21 2017


Many thanks to everyone that came from all corners of merseyside  

Despite the train chaos and icy cold weather, the sharing of ideas was a great success. A special thanks to Lizzie and Tom from the Port Sunlight Village Trust for hosting the event and the wonderful guided tour around Port Sunlight.

Our venue, The Lyceum, is a hidden gem of the Port Sunlight Village, the original village school has beautiful details and marvellous vast windows. We found it similarly inspirational.


Council members Eileen, Jean  and Trevor discussing the days programme

Lizzie and Tom show a visitor the original plans for  the Port Sunlight Estate 

Sharing different points of view and local issues in Walton and Wavertree

A very lively discussion took place about the difference between planning for people as Lord Leverhulme did at Port Sunlight, and how people planned their own areas 

Tom form the  Port Sunlight Village Trust  took us for a walk looking at the streams and community facilities

Queen Victoria looked down with interest at the wide range of ages Lego building 

We have Lego available at all of the Civic Saturday Events, this lego builder has been building bigger and better 

People wrote their ideas and answers to how can people design and build their own places and various other communal developments were discussed

Charlie drawing her ideas

Many thanks to Liverpool Architectural Association for loan of the lego We will upload the responses from the day as soon as they have been written up