Meet the council

Jean Grant – Chair 

Jean Grant is an Artist with an interest in developing sustainable relationships between people and their environment; how we creatively make home.

She has developed projects in UK, Europe and USA.

She is funded by the Arts Council and Heritage Lottery. Local councils and businesses and directly with residents. She acts as Consultant, Creator and project manager for public realm work and creative consultation projects

Recently her own projects are based at home in Liverpool, she encourages residents to talk about their spaces and making them into positive creative places. . As part of her interest in improving the ability of residents to be heard she founded Growing Granby a Liverpool urban agriculture project and Friends of Princes Park, Paxton’s first park outside Chatsworth, also an annual event for residents to discuss the State of their City of Liverpool, she is involved as Creative Consultant to Liverpool 8 Living Sustainably a 5 year Lottery Award project  

Andrew Weatherstone – Vice-Chair

A Geordie who never bought the return ticket, Andrew conceived of and established Nonconform whilst still studying at Liverpool Polytechnic. The driving inspiration was to challenge the local creative establishment by supplying Clients with creative, appropriate solutions that stand out and stand the test of time.

Whilst Director of Nonconform Andrew has designed and managed hundreds of brand implementation from Universities, Cathedrals, local and national companies to nurseries, local artists and sole traders. Andrew has a passion for working with socially responsible companies and community based projects, with this in mind Nonconform have worked for many Social Housing Organisations and retaining and social employment agencies.
He has also worked as a freelance lecturer, trainer for the long term unemployed and has helped set up a number companies specialising in various types of design.

David Massey - Treasurer

Links with other civic socs. and with other related bodies such as Civic Voice

Michael Biggs – Secretary

Born and educated in Liverpool and have lived in the south of the city my entire life. Now bringing up my young family here, encouraging them to appreciate the wonderful resources our region has to offer. As a result, my interest in improving the quality of life in the Liverpool City Region has grown even stronger than before.  

I take great pride in the city and want the next generation of Liverpool citizens to have a strong sense of identity, a connection to their communities and an active interest in working together to make their voices heard. I believe the best way that we can do this is to demonstrate that through collective effort, you can make a difference. 

In terms of my own skills set, I have over 11 years' experience of coordinating teams, implementing procedures and overseeing project work within a busy and highly regulated finance environment. I'm hoping to use this experience to support the MCS council and membership to work efficiently, communicate effectively, and monitor the impact of their work. I am also technically competent, and as an active user of digital platforms including websites and social media, I feel that I can help MCS to grow their reach, spread  campaign messages further and grow interest and membership. 

I appreciate and admire MCS's past achievements, and I'm excited to be part of MCS as we work together to help shape a positive future for Liverpool City Region.

Dr Robert G MacDonald

Dr Robert G MacDonald RIBA was born in Toxteth in 1951. After two Trans Sahara Expeditions he returned too Liverpool University were he obtained two First Class Honours degrees and a PhD by research. Rob has worked in Central Africa, Mid Wales, Glasgow and Liverpool. He is very proud to have worked on many of the seminal Liverpool Housing Cooperatives.

Rob has published "Morphocity; Architectural Odyssey" with Nonconform, Imagine Liverpool,

"DIY City", Integrated City with Trevor Skempton, "Design for Dementia" Vol 1&2 With Bill Halsall. (Amazon Book Store).

Rob believes in public engagement and design participation; he is a MerseyCare NHS Foundation Trust Design Champion and President Emeritus of The Liverpool Architectural Society. In 2010 Dr Robert G MacDonald was presented with a Roscoe Citizenship Award by Lord David Alton for

life long services to Mental Health. Rob endeavours to demystify the taboos associated with Mental Health and wellbeing."

Adrian Swift

Chartered town planner with 42 yrs experience, skills including reviewing planning & regeneration reports, and writing bids. Adrian’s interests include Strategic & local planning, heritage & historic buildings, arts & culture, local history, urban design & masterplanning, public transport, Sefton & LCR Crosby.

Eileen Willshaw

30 years as a Heritage Manager with experience of writing successful funding bids. Eileen aims to include the Wirral in the MCS, and believes we can use our collective experience with many other Civic Societies to inform.

Glynn Marsden

Former Local Authority Conservation Officer. Now in private practice as a historic building advisor. With an interest inConservation; Photography; Research, Historic Buildings, Policy, Action plans

Liza Parry

Chief Executive of Housing People Building Communities, which has just completed a housing scheme in L8. Liza specialises in Community engagement, building partnerships, networking, community self-build housing. Her interests include demystifying planning processes for individuals, passionate about preserving & enhancing landscape, affordable housing – new build & refurb.

Peter Elson

Worked for the Daily Echo & Post for 17 years. Now doing PR, writing and broadcasting art history & architecture.
Worked with Jonathan Brown on the Futurist campaign. Keen interest in Historic architecture, renovation / new uses for old buildings, maritime and transport campaigns.

Jonathan Brown

Former town-planner, agitator and irritant. Campaigned to save Newsham Park and to stop the demolition of The Futurist.

Chrisie Byrne

I was born and bread in Liverpool and have gone on to bring up my children in the city i love and i am very proud of its history, people, culture and of course its fantastic parks and green spaces. My interest has always been community led work and making our communities better for us by us! I started the "friends of Walton hall park" back in August 2014 with a small group of like minded people wanting to improve our local park. As a community non-for-profit group we have worked every day for years in the park to make it a better place for us and visitors to enjoy and we now work alongside Liverpool city council and Glendale staff which includes planting, events and creating new usable spaces within the park. The improvements and its beauty are something the whole community is very proud of.

Sadly in 2015 it was announced the park was to be developed which would of left the whole 130 acres lost forever. I decided i had to start a campaign to save Walton Hall Park. I lived facing the park most of my life, it was mine and my children's playground and so wanted to play my part in saving it, the campaign we ran was successful and that was down to the support we got from the whole community and the park was saved from mass development. People power at its best! 

I have since gone on to help and advise other groups and campaigns who have or still are trying to save their parks and green spaces across the northwest that are now under threat of various size developments. I enjoy public speaking and i have done this at several events about the threats to our green infrastructure. I am passionate for them all to be saved for us and our future generations to enjoy as i did when i was growing up. I have wrote several successful grant bids that have all been spent on various park improvements. I have also gained lots of new qualifications for my work in the park including woodland management, fisheries management and working with children and the disabled outdoors. 

In 2016 i was voted as chair of Liverpool park friends forum, which is the group that works with all the park friend groups in Liverpool. That role has been a great challenge but also a fantastic opportunity to bring together, work and share information from the other groups. I am also a committee member on Northwest parks friends forum which covers thousands of parks and green spaces. I was asked to become a council member of Merseyside civic society in 2017. I felt very privileged to be asked to be part of such a prestigious society who's events and talks i had attended for a few years and i hope to make my mark and be an active member and be a voice for the parks and the communities of the northwest.

Trevor Skempton

Architect & occasional teacher. Particular interest in terraced housing and urban planning. Interested in Green & White Papers, policy formulation, State of the City Events.

Brian Hatton

Art historian and Lecturer at JMU. Also writer in art history. Wants to set up an Architectural Biennial. Interests include History, culture, architecture & art, regional development, and urban design.

Dai Gwynne

Dai specializes in Architecture, CAD, graphics design, highways design, Enjoys Cycling & sustainable transport, urban design, healthy cities, historic architecture, rail & industrial heritage.