MCS White Papers

MCS makes regular pronouncements on important issues, but there is felt to be a need to back this up by establishing an agreed background of specific policies relating to the Liverpool City Region, accepting that these may differ from those being pursued by Civic Societies elsewhere. This has led to the notion of producing a series of ‘green papers’ for discussion. It is envisaged that, after due consideration and amendment, these green papers would be re-published as ‘white papers’ and would then become a part of established MCS policy. 

MCS White Paper 1: Urban Design and Design Review

This first three-page white paper looks at Urban Design, together with the related issues of conservation and sustainability, with references to the World Heritage Site and the potential for re-establishing a Design Review process. This initial paper is fairly wide-ranging, but further papers will look at more specific issues. In particular, two draft green papers are in preparation, which will look at the twin issues of population growth strategy [reversal of decline] and the historic spatial structures of Liverpool and Birkenhead.

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MCS White Paper 2: Terraced Housing in the Liverpool City Region ‘….the most sustainable and attractive option….’

There is a need to address some common misconceptions about terraced housing. Not only can terraced housing provide comfortable family homes, for people with a variety of requirements and incomes, but it can make the optimum contribution to the development of community life – through the many benefits derived from ‘joined-up’ buildings, whether traditional or modern. From the flexibility and sophistication of our fine Georgian and Victorian terraces to the best modern examples, we argue that terraced housing is the most sustainable and attractive option for the development of our urban areas, and a postscript by MCS Council member, Dr Rob MacDonald reflects on the ‘lived-in experience’.

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