Elected and Administrative Officer Roles

The Council of Merseyside Civic Society meets four times a year and oversees the work of MCS.

 Its aims are:

  • to stimulate public interest in improving the quality of life in the Liverpool City Region, including through the MCS Awards Scheme;
  • to engage in debate and discussion and to conduct research;
  • to promote high standards of town planning, architecture and design locally;
  • to ensure the preservation, conservation, development, improvement and careful stewardship of features of general public amenity;
  • to seek to safeguard areas and structures of historic and/or public interest, and
  • to strengthen links between interested bodies, such as Civic Voice and local and civic amenity societies across the City Region.


Outline of Elected and Administrative Officer Roles

Chair (Elected Officer) (Max. 3-year term) (Reports to the MCS Council)

  • Chairing the MCS Council and, with the chairs of committees and members of the Council, leading the work of the Society’s committees and other group activities in ensuring the effective performance of its duties
  • Overseeing arrangements for Council meetings and the Society’s General meetings, ensuring that decisions are implemented and that there is an effective relationship between the Society and its members and stakeholders.
  • Leading the development of the Society, including strategic planning, succession to offices and recruitment of officers and Council members
  • Representing the Society (e.g. at functions, as a spokesperson at meetings or to the media)

Vice Chair (Elected Officer) (Max. 3-year term) (Reports to Chair)

  • Assisting the Chair in the conduct of their duties, in ensuring that the Council’s decisions are implemented and on specific tasks as requested
  • Acting on the Chair’s behalf when unavailable
  • Acting as liaison with and as representative on the Council for Affiliated Societies and external bodies of which MCS is a member

Secretary (Elected Officer) (Max. 5-year term)(Reports to MCS Chair)

  • Preparing, including dates, venues and agenda for Council meetings, in consultation with Chair, and distributing agenda, draft Minutes and supporting papers.
  • Preparing for AGM, in consultation with Chair, including elections and drafting annual report
  • Undertaking correspondence on behalf of the Society, including the Charity Commission
  • Maintaining the Society’s papers and records, including membership of committees and groups, prior to archiving
  • Providing secretarial services to Sub-Groups as required

Minutes Secretary (Administrative Officer) (Reports to the Secretary)

  • Taking Minutes of Council Meetings and forwarding to Chair and Secretary

Treasurer (Elected Officer) (Max. 5-year term) (Reports to MCS Chair)

  • Leading the work of the Resources, Governance and Membership Committee
  • Advising the Council on financial performance, investments and reserves policy
  • Arranging for bank accounts, including signatories, receiving invoices and paying cheques
  • Making claims to HMRC for Gift Aid refunds
  • Keeping an account of receipt and payments, preparing annual accounts and liaison with Hon. Auditor

Membership Secretary (Administrative Officer) (Reports to Treasurer)

  • Maintaining membership records and undertaking renewal administration
  • Undertaking new membership recruitment
  • Liaising with Chair of Communications over website, leaflets and e-lists of members

Chair of Communications (Elected Officer) (Max. 5-year term) (Reports to MCS Chair)

  • Leading the work of the Communications and Events Committee
  • Providing strategic direction for the Society’s brand, marketing, public relations and information systems including lists of members’ addresses and other contacts
  • Coordinating the design and operation of the Society’s website and other social media
  • Facilitating the Society’s public relations, information provision, and, press and media contacts.

 Events Officer (Administrative Officer) (Reports to Chair of Communications)

  • Co-ordinating a rolling annual programme of meetings and other Society events with specific events organisers through the Events Team
  • Maintaining contact with organisers as the programme progresses and advising on alternative options if an event is delayed or unable to go ahead for some reason
  • Liaising with the Chair and Chair of Communications on arrangements for meetings and other events and with the Chair and Secretary on arrangements for the AGM
  • Encouraging and supporting members of the Council and the wider Society in becoming involved in organising a range of events as team members

Chair of Policy (Elected Officer) (Max.5-year term) (Reports to MCS Chair)

  • Leading the work of the Policy Development and Planning Consultation Committee
  • Coordinating the preparation and distribution of Green and White papers and other policy or discussion papers
  • Coordinating MCS contributions to city region, local plan and related strategic policies (e.g. transportation, green space and environment, etc.)
  • Maintaining liaison with other related agencies, societies and stakeholders

Planning Consultation Officer (Administrative Officer) (Reports to Chair of Policy)

  • Coordinating the work of the Planning Review Team in assessing and commenting on planning applications, including liaising with the Chair, Secretary and Chair of Communications on specific written comments
  • Arranging for the monitoring of planning application registers, committee meeting agendas, news reports of development proposals to identify items of concern, including maintaining links with related specialist advisers e.g. heritage
  • Responding to items of concern on planning and development proposals identified by the Council, the Society’s wider membership or brought to MCS by others
  • Encouraging and supporting members of the Council and the wider Society in becoming involved in the work of the Planning Review Team